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Plotio Global combined advanced fin-tech and the industry's pioneering investing experience to discover the market trend.

Plotio Global

Established for more than a decade, Plotio Global Financial Limited has become a world leader to reckon with and has become a huge inspiration for many industrial colleagues from around the world to follow. With a highly dedicated and experienced team of professionals, our organization’s long-term objectives, passion, service standards and how we provide it has become that much easier to monitor, measure and to manage in our daily operations for our company’s growth and stability. With an experienced team of experts with over 20 years of financial investment exposure, we are well capable of providing our clients a thorough update and guidance of the market trends and investment ideas. We are truly committed to our profession and will continuously support the needs, no matter they are retail investors or institutional partners. We stand by our ethics and promise a “One-Stop” solution that caters for all your needs. A “Win-Win” solution for an everlasting partnership growing from strength to strength.


The world of business has diversified so much in the past decade, creating vast opportunities for global economic growth, pathing the way forward for more retail investors to invest in the financial markets. Our experience shows us that most investors in recent years are pure students and are desperate to acquire the very basics of investing in the financials. Investing without knowledge in such a volatile market is not the answer to investing. With our ongoing education programs through seminars or our webinar training courses, we believe we can rectify this major issue and enroll more investors to understand and see the true opportunities and the values the financial markets offer. Building the trust and loyalty between each other, showing who we truly are and how we represent ourselves as a leading brokerage firm. We continue to serve with excellence, trust and the agility for a long-lasting relationship.


Our values portrait in who we are and how we are as an organization. We continue to commit and develop a long-lasting relationship with our clients and partners, delivering a premium value to all.
We uphold the highest standards, respect and integrity as an organization to meet the needs of our investors and to help our firm lead the way forward.

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